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Dual Pack

Actislim Ultra
Dual Pack

Using both Actislim Ultra alongside Actislim Night will not only save you money it will also give you an even bigger chance of reaching your target weight! 

Actislim Ultra is a 100% natural food supplement created to help you reach your goal quicker and more effectively. Using a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts Actislim Ultra aims to increase metabolic rate and help to keep hunger at bay for longer. Actislim Night will burn fat during the night making it extra effective as well as cost effective.

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When Actislim Night is taken in combination with Actislim Ultra many of our customers find they are able to achieve their lifestyle goal faster.

The main benefits of taking both supplements is that during the night your metabolic rate slows down, with all of the help your body has received with Actislim Ultra, as your metabolism slows your body will store anything eaten later on in the evening, Actislim night will then take over and continue the work of Actislim Ultra. So for a full 24 hours you will have the benefits of both products working for and with you as you tackle those last few pounds!  

Also upon purchasing the dual pack you will receive an extra £2.95 discount (Plus free shipping) compared to buying both products separately!